Dawn Araujo-Hawkins

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Topeka, Kansas

Dawn Araujo-Hawkins

Lady journo writing religion at the Global Sisters Report | Proud Ball State University alumna | Prolific em dasher Real Housewives GIFer


A Jew, a Christian, and a Muslim walk into a parking lot...

IN FALL 1884, the congregation that became Temple Israel opened its doors as the first Jewish synagogue in the state of Nebraska. From its inception, Temple Israel was a Reform congregation, a theologically progressive denomination that stresses the social justice imperatives of Judaism. Yet the early members of Temple Israel included not just Reform Jews, but Conservative and Orthodox Jews as well; navigating these interdenominational relationships would prove to be a significant part of the congregation’s early development.
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Taken by storm

Nearly a decade after Katrina, New Orleans’ poor and black still struggle to rebuild their lives. Nothing could have prepared Jean Marie Peacock for what she saw when she returned to her New Orleans home after Hurricane Katrina. She had boarded up her home before evacuating the city, yet six feet of water had remained, stagnating for weeks.
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Christians and Jews unite to protest goods made in West Bank

Christians and Jews protest in an interfaith alliance against SodaStream, a company with a manufacturing plant in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
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Dawn Araujo-Hawkins

I am a staff writer for the Global Sisters Report, a special project of the National Catholic Reporter that provides coverage of Catholic sisters and nuns.

I graduated from Ball State University with a degree in magazine journalism and French and then studied urban and intercultural issues at Cincinnati Christian University, earning a Master of Arts in Religion.

I have a tenacious faith in the necessity of print media. I love em dashes and semicolons, but my relationship with the Oxford comma is evolving. My longstanding aversion to the inverted pyramid is well-documented.